Volume 2 | Number 5 July 11th, 2014

Working like a dog

For those that donÂ’t know Moses is my dog, assistant manager, customer service representative, vegetable guard dog, pest control, and Frisbee catcher.

HeÂ’s a good dog.

Moses resting after a long day, working like a dog

Moses working like a dog

HeÂ’s a five-year-old Australian Shepherd/ Blue heeler mix. He goes almost everywhere with me (and if he doesnÂ’t go, he looks at me sadly and wonders why not). I got him when he was 8 weeks old, from the Wapato Indian Reservation in Washington State out in sheep country. To be honest, Moses is the reason why IÂ’m farming today. When he was young, he was so full of energy that I knew that I would need to find him an occupation to keep him in control. We started out on a farm in Virginia, where the farmer had raised and trained border collies for years, and where we tried to train Moses. Long story short- sheep werenÂ’t for Moses (heÂ’d rather eat their poop than herd them), but farm life is definitely for us.
The other day someone said they were working like a dog, and after thinking about this for less than a minute I wondered how hard a dog’s life really is. Most American dogs have it pretty good. They have food and shelter, a warm place to sleep, and folks that love them. We ask little from them in return, mostly that they don’t go to the bathroom in the house and don’t destroy our things. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Moses resting after a long day, working like a dog

Moses resting after a long day, working like a dog

I like to say that if IÂ’m really really good in this life, maybe I can come back as Moses in the next one.

News from the farm:

Things are going well at the farms.

Everything that needs to be in the ground is in, and more is continously being planted.

WeÂ’ve been busy trying to keep up with the weeds, and clear new ground for more plantings.

The summer crops look great! Tons of tomatoes are on the vine, and the first should be ready for harvest very soon! The spring crops a taking their final bows and exiting stage left, while the fall crops will soon begin to make their debuts inside where it is nice and cool and they can get a good start.

Cheers, Farmer Sky

CSA pick-list

Carrots! – Enjoy!
Broccoli- Enjoy! A little long in the tooth from sitting out in the heat, but just as tasty.
Head Lettuce- Enjoy!
Green Beans- Enjoy!
Scallions- Enjoy!
Zucchini- Enjoy!
Cucumber- Enjoy!
Basil- Pesto Variety

Moses ignoring a carrot.

Moses ignoring a carrot.