The Forest for the Trees- my annual seasonal mantra

At times its easy to get lost in the work of the farm. At times (actually pretty much always) it is all consuming. There are few seconds in the day when I donÂ’t think about the farm, or the veggies- this time of year is especially like that. Sometimes it is good. Sometimes it is a little too much, but for all of that I wouldnÂ’t trade it for anything else. That said, this season has been a challenge.
The rain came and did not relent until- like that! It was gone and since it has been dry as a bone. The tomatoes grew wildly and fruited prolifically and then they have slowed to a trickle. ThatÂ’s the life of a vegetable farmer. ThatÂ’s life on the farm.

All of that said IÂ’m not writing to complain but share with you thoughts that often break through my one track mind at times like these- when what we are doing seems to leave room for little else. Lately I have been so obsessed with getting it done, with catching up for lost time, for making sure that our fall goes well, that sunsets have passed by unnoticed, that shooting stars have not caught my eye for thoughts of the morningÂ’s work to come, when I should be looking up at the sky.
Life after all isnÂ’t only about accomplishment- its about enjoying the fruits of our labor, its about sharing those few precious moments when the silence outside in the starry night becomes the silence within, when we hold hands and no longer feel alone but together, or we sit and watch the evening sun fade into the night. Its not about 1000 pounds of tomatoes or even 10 pounds, but about that one single divine bite, when I realize that the farm isnÂ’t a great check list of things to get done but a place that in its essence is built, is cared for and loved not to operate at maximum efficiency and productivity, but a place where we grow love one bite at a time.

With love,
Farmer Sky

At the farm things are in transition between Summer and Fall, even though it feels hot enough to see no end in site. Crops are seeded in the field- more carrots, beets, arugula, salad mix, kale, chard, radishes, turnips, kohlrabi, the list goes on. Green Beans, Zucchini, Summer Squash, and Cucumbers are growing and we should have one last hurrah of them before the CSA winds to a close. Broccoli, Cabbage, Scallions, Napa Cabbage will be put into the ground soon.

In the field the sweet corn has made its fond farewells, and the tomatoes seem to be making their way out as well (two more weeks probably). We still have the winter squash (butternut and acorns), and sweet potatoes to harvest, and we will be doing so towards the end of the month.

Cherry Tomatoes
Slicer and Sauce Tomatoes