Howdy Folks!?
Me IÂ’m swell. I awoke this morning to darkness and the sound of falling rain. How lovely. It is much needed.

Field Notes 9/28

At times it is easy to overlook nature in the grand scheme of things at the farm- we work like a machine and grind out parts from a soil based system of production, the pieces of this system are rows of seeds that are planted, cultivated, and harvested to meet a demand, and hopefully meet the financial needs of the farm. Often, I overlook the farm as a place full of nature- what is here, what is there, and what can we harvest when, or what needs to be done to avoid such and such an issue or subdue such and such a pest, but other times I see the farm as a different sort of place- one full of life and magic.
Lately there has been quite a bit of magic around the place, as the sunÂ’s rays tilt to a perfect angle and the land seems truly alive, even in spite of its dryness. We are constantly seeing things living and thriving that we had not seen before, from the newly hatched Monarch Butterflies lilting on the autumnal breeze, to the bluebirds returning to roost upon the fence posts. We find chrysalisÂ’ the color of jade stones with little rings of gold hanging everywhere, even the tomato hornworm, which is a true bane of the tomato grower, looks magical and even more so when its back is laced with the larvae of parasitic wasps which feed on it.
This reminds me that we are not alone as warriors in a wilderness and that farming is essentially a part of a broader system which is not divorced from nature but truly a part of it, one which is sustained by the relationships between ourselves, the plants, the animals, the insects, down to the creatures of the soil, which do the vast majority of work on the farm. What I am, what we are, is not factory workers, but clergy who do the work of the earth and work with the earth to bring forth life. So for me every monarch that flies from our field is a paycheck, every mockingbirds song a smile, every bee that I see on a flower is another reminder that we are on the right path.




















Monarch Caterpillar, Monarch Chrysalis (there are hundreds of these around) Garden Spider in the Greenhouse Newly Hatched Monarch

Sauce Tomatoes
Butternut Squash
Swiss Chard
Spicy Greens Mix- great for a salad
Radishes- quite mild, the tops are delicious.
Peppers- sweet carmine type
Parsley- I love it with salad, but itÂ’s great on just about anything

Farmer Sky